my beating heart

my story began with a soccer ball, and a dream to be a college athlete. I'll admit, I was on track until my life took a literal 180 turn after being hit by an oncoming car. the months that followed were dark, confined, confusing and landed me with months of memory loss. I was at a loss of knowing where my life was going next. it felt like I was steered down a path with no course of action. I felt like I was blindly walking into a tunnel with no happy ending. but then the best thing I could have ever asked for happened... 

                                                    a light broke through that darkness, and there was Jesus reaching out, and calling me to follow Him. 

He led me to my camera, which was buried in the midst of my closet, and happened to be a hidden passion that always sat on the back burner. He told me to take it, to use it and to live through it. at first it was a tool I could use to just remember what my memory couldn't. my days consisted of writing down what was happening so I could have some sort of recognition of the passing moments. pretty soon the pieces began connecting, and this gift became so much BIGGER. 

this was never my gift, but He gave it to me, and now I have the opportunity to serve those in His Kingdom with it. my goodness, my friends, there is nothing in this world that is more fulfilling than that! He sacrificed His life to save mine, and this second chance has fueled me with so much passion and love that I get to pour into the people I have the pleasure of meeting. the value of a single moment holds so much more of a meaning for me than it ever did before. the power of surrendering to Him and devoting my life to Christ has completely revolutionized what I ever thought was possible. for the first time I feel like my dreams can come true because of the trust that you have put in me. for that, I will never be able to express my gratitude, but I hope that the way I can serve you will give you a piece of my heart's adoration for you. 

every image I am able to capture shows the power of hope, grace and overwhelming love that He has for all of us!



emily vandehey photographyBW-2.jpg
emily vandehey photographyBW-3.jpg


  1. traveling to new places

  2. being present with the people that I care so much about

  3. all of the coffee, I blame my employment at starbucks for this dangerous addiction

  4. puppies, like I am the person who asks to pet every dog, and then shamelessly asks take a picture with them

  5. laughing - I heard it keeps your skin looking youthful for years?! already prepping for my grandma days

  6. the feeling you have after a good workout - you know, the one that makes you feel confident enough to have a gallon of ice cream, with a side of french fries

  7. finally getting to let the shower vocals out on long road trips, even if I don't know majority of the words

  8. going to sleep with NO ALARMS!!

  9. red wine. can you blame me?

  10. jesus, above all

the photography experience

you are probably here because a big milestone just happened and it's time to document this special time. I firmly believe that having your photo taken is so much greater than just checking something off of a list. these moments in time will only happen once, but each frame has the power to bring it back to life over and over again. time moves so fast, and is something that we get once. one day we will wish we could go back to these important moments of our lives, maybe to relive it, or to give it more attention than we did the first time around. a photograph is that one way that we can be present in a memory. I photograph to feel the raw, real and authentic emotions. I am working to capture you in the best light, and tell your story the way you want it to be told. I want to capture every detail, tear, nose crinkle, and warm embrace. these experiences can bring families together, reconnect you to feelings that may have been pushed aside during the heaviness of life, and are a way to celebrate the journey you are on with the person you love most. 

sometimes we can feel like turtles, hiding our soft interior under a hard shell that our hearts are waiting to burst out of. I understand that having a camera in front of your face for hours can be extremely intimidating, and has you wanting to run for shelter. but like the story goes, slow and steady wins the race, right? well, that is my approach to photography. we will slowly open you up, and get you comfortable in front of the camera. In doing so, we'll also get to reveal the different layers of your story that may not have hit the canvas yet. photo sessions with me are 100% about interacting with your babe, and in doing so you'll forget the camera is there. there is a strong chance that I will fall, climb on questionably stable things and awkwardly dance. I am going to ask you to do some crazy prompts, but I promise to make you comfortable doing them by personally acting them out for you first! I swear my inner child comes out when I have a camera in my hands, so prepare for lots of inappropriate commentary and treating each other like human jungle gyms. the goal is to have every image burst with the joy that is shared between the two of you.


the lovers who are all about seeking out adventure, looking to wander into the woods or mountains, and instinctively run into oceans when they see one are my kind of people. you are the ones stealing the show from the views that take your breath away.

bucket list


  • AZ | horseshoe bend, antelope canyon, sedona

  • CA | yosemite national park, palm springs, big sur, death valley national park, joshua tree national park

  • CO | garden of the gods

  • HI | all islands

  • MT | glacier national park

  • NV | valley of fire

  • UT | arches national park, bonneville salt flats, big cottonwood canyon, zion national park

  • WA | palouse falls state park, hurricane ridge, olympic national park, snoqualmie falls




  • CANADA | banff

  • FRANCE | paris

  • GREECE | santorini, athens

  • ICELAND | reykjavik

  • INDONESIA | bali

  • ITALY | rome, amalfi, venice

  • MEXICO | tulum

  • PERU | machu picchu


travel schedule |2019

january 3rd-8th | KAUAI, HAWAII

february 1st-3rd | BEND, OREGON

march 9th-13th | ARIZONA

april 11th-14th | SPAIN

april 15th-16th | FRANCE

april 17th-19th | SWITZERLAND

april 20th-26th | ITALY

may 22-27 | BAHAMAS

june 16th-19th | MEXICO

june 21st-24th | COUER D’ALENE, IDAHO

july 6th | LYONS, OREGON


july 13th-16th | BEND, OREGON

august 4th-6th | BEND, OREGON

august 24th | EUGENE, OREGON

august 31st | HOOD RIVER, OREGON

september 20th-24th | BEND, OREGON


december 11th-14th | ANCORAGE, ALASKA

taking a little vacay with your babe? trust me when I say you are worthy of more than some i-phone photos. if you are going somewhere rad, and want to document it, reach out to me and we will make it happen! or if you see that we will be in the same place as me, send me a message and we will set a time to capture your story while I am there!