kyleigh & kaley


welcome to the love story of kyleigh and kaley young.

their journey began at nike, the place where kaley happened to get hooked on this beautiful new hire, kyleigh. the moment their eyes locked, they knew it was going to be trouble. for kyleigh, it was the hike to pittock mansion that assured her that this was going to be "her person". 

they can both agree that people might view them as being "different." although, the moments they cherish the most are as normal as just cuddling in blankets during the slow and quiet mornings. all they want is to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life, with the love of their life. 50 years from now, they want to look back, and be overcome with happiness from all of their memories. come to think of it, what is the happiest place on earth....? Oh, disneyland, maybe? well, for these two, it definitely is. 

on their spring vacation this past year, kyleigh sealed the deal with a magical moment in front of the disneyland castle -- to nobody's suprise, kaley said YES!

(what better place to kick of a REALLY happy life?)

these two are the most caring and compassionate human beings in the whole world. they have taken on obstacles, spent endless hours with each other's families, clean up after one another... or maybe just kyleigh does the cleaning, and plan on spending their lives adventuring into the unknown -- as long as there is REALLY good food there!

september 16th, 2017, was a day where friends and family gathered around to celebrate the wedding of the these two love birds. the girls want to thank everyone for their support and love that they have received. together their world is two times brighter and happier. together they are able to be 100% of themselves. together they feel safe, and protected.

with this marriage, they know that everything is going to be okay, because they will always have one another. 


to my sweet brides -- thank you for allowing me to share in your special day. we all could feel your love, and the support from your loved ones. the number of times I had to take the camera away from my face, to wipe away the tears, was an overwhelming amount. every single moment was so special. from the first look with kaley's brother and father, the ice-ice baby dance with kyleigh and her brother, jace just being ADORABLE, shay holding back all her tears, ali holding back none, a bridal party that knew how to 'get downnnn,' a s'mores cart, heart throbbing vows, a song written by grandpa, and a glowin' send-off, I don't think there could have been a better way to celebrate YOUR day! it was an absolute pleasure being your photographer. I cannot wait to follow your future!