talk about handsome, kind and intelligence all coming into one. wait, can we also add in like oooober athletic?? -- so, like a quadruple threat! buuuttt sorry ladies, this guy is taken by the sweetest princess of them all, and they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! cass and ariel are kind of banking on you two officially making them sisters, too, so you've got a few people counting on you. 

if becoming a doctor, that basically saves the world, doesn't work out, I think you'll forever have a career in modeling, or maybe some acting?? ( I've heard that grey's is looking for the next doctor mcdreamy ;) )

this guy was a NATURAL! he even kept his composure when I walked backwards into a hole at the vineyard -- aaand when I did a backwards volleyball roll trying to get up because my foot decided to get caught up in my sweatshirt.... 

thanks for choosing this goofball to photograph your senior pictures. from one middle child to the other, you're gonna be just fine stepping into the real world! if anything goes wrong, just blame the oldest two for being a bad influence, or say that you wanted to show the younger two what not to do. it works almost every time!

on a real note, I think -- wait, I know, you are going to be so well set off, and you are already making your family soo proud! from kicking butt in the classroom with biology, to literally kicking our team to victories and having such a great heart along the way. always smiling. always so polite. always so caring. you set an amazing example for us all, zach. best of luck to you as you conquer the rest of your senior year! don't be afraid of that spotlight because you deserve to shine!