this man has so much ambition, intelligence, heart and passion for all that he does and strives to do. I have the upmost faith in all of his dreams because of the determination that he has to achieve them. 

he and I can relate on a photography level, and being beat out of the ASB president title by just a handful of votes. I admired his perseverance to then set another goal and surpass it. he is now the president of the robotics team, applying to all the big schools like USC, University of San Diego, Seattle University and U of O. he is striving to pursue an education in physics. we are hopeful that his journey after graduation will guide him to the southern region of California. 

jacob has his two older siblings to look up to, and a brother who has been waiting for this chapter in his life to finally roll around so he can show him the ropes in college, and all that comes with new freedoms. 

it was a pleasure sharing in these memories with you, jacob. I look forward to following friday night football games where we all get to see you live out your passions on the field. 

cheers to you, and the final year before the fun really begins!