homecoming 2017


homecoming. a time when a town unites, and memories are made to reminisce on for the years to come. a game that is predicted to leave our home team on top. unfortunately, we fell .1 second short of that victory. 

we must applaud the performance from the team last night. so much grit, determination and heart was left out on that field last night. you boys had every single person on their feet, holding their breath, and squeezing their neighbor’s hands until that final buzzer went off. hold your heads up high, and come back to get it back and more. it takes a lot to even go out onto that field in front of so many fans, friends and family. we are all so proud of the fight that you put up. it was back and forth from start to finish. we’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again — we will seek revenge on those indians when we face them down the road. 

on a more positive note, did see those princesses last night?! every single one shined inside and out. I couldn't help but recognize how every one of their bios stated that they are so loving, caring and have the biggest of hearts. earlier this week a mom posted about how her daughter was in awe of a princess who was shopping in jims. of course this princess went out of her way to take a picture with the little girl, and fulfilled her dream. that moment will stick with her for the years to come. 

I have had the privilege of knowing these extraordinary young ladies as we all grew up in our beloved town of banks, oregon. from taking one of their family photos, to sharing the same field for soccer, or admiring the work ethic of those track stars -- to now being recognized for genuine, and admirable lady that lies within each of them. 

to our queen, miss kim jordan — my sincerest congratulations goes out to you! we all adore that smile that shines so bright, and that laugh that is sweet as can be. I can remember being your captain during your freshman year as you joined our varsity soccer team. I was so excited for the opportunity to grow with you by my side. I’ve always adore your spice, your charm and your charisma.  congratulations to you on this honor. 

to all the homecoming goers tonight — celebrate the beginning of an amazing year. there are so many accomplishments already, and many more will come. the night will move fast, and so will the year for the seniors. soak up every last moment and dance like nobody is watching!