minto brown lifestyle session


twenty two full, colorful, smile-worthy balloons to resemble ms. colleen's first 22 years of life. 

today we celebrate an amazing woman. a woman who lights up the world with positivity, courage and life. you love all that come your way with every bone in your body, and breath in your lungs. you were the everlasting sign of hope that Jesus sent to me when I needed it most. you take the steps that others want to follow. you lead others to the kingdom of God. you are the foundation to so many incredible relationships. 

seven months ago you were a stranger who had a very similar appearance to me, and happened to work at the coffee shop I frequently stopped at. a coffee shop that wasn't even there earlier that year. the way our paths lined up, and the timing will forever be the work of no human hand. I truly believe that He put you on this earth to change people's lives, and you definitely did for me. 

the way you make the most of every minute, every encounter and every relationship is out of this world. you are constantly filling everyone's cup, celebrating their victories and accomplishments & we all want to do the same for you. the impact you make on this world is enormous. we will never be able to show our gratitude for the joy and light you always have within you. 

I adore you to pieces, cols! every person I have met who knows you absolutely ADORES you, too. we are all so privileged to be inspired by you. how you manage to keep a 4.0 GPA, go to school full time while juggling your job at Dutch, maintain the sturdiest friendships, be the world's best aunt, love on every person that crosses your path AND be a phenomenal human being is beyond me. 




thank you for being the best best friend, and continuously showing me, and others, how you can conquer anything that life throws at you. thank you for always smiling, laughing and sharing your life with us. thank you for always being up for an adventure. for being the 'yes' to every "let's go get taco bell" at 10pm, or driving up to assist me at a wedding after a jammed packed couple of days just prior, and introducing me to the fantastic human beings who made the most of a trip to the ER on my last day in salem. you are magnificent. you are accomplishing all of your dreams, and creating even bigger ones. you are as golden as this day. 

enjoy every second of it & you better sing taylor swift's song loud enough for the both of us!