bob & mary jo


(from grandpa's perspective)

there lived a studly man who spent his days on the bean farm working to build a life of his own. all it took was one reflective beam of the sun that glistened off of bob’s brawny biceps, that caught the eye of the marvelous mary jo. it was in that moment that it felt like they were the only two in the world. an attraction that some might call love at first sight


(from grandma's perspective)

yes, robert and mary jo worked on the same farm, but they also attended the same church, and were both frequent dancers on the weekends. but there was one sunday that has never left her memory. at the time, she and robert were 16. therefore, a chaperone was needed to go to the dance, and her cousin offered to stand in. at the time robert had a broken leg, but it didn’t put a halt at their dancing hangout. what stood out to mary jo was robert's persistence. there was not a single dance where she was without a partner, despite the fact that robert was on crutches. that was the moment that she knew he was about to sweep her off her feet for a lifetime.


can you see that? can you see the love of two people who created six children, eleven grandchildren and a grand baby on the way? because I do. and if you can't quite imagine it yet, just keep scrolling, and I think we will be on the same page...

these images with continue to remind my family of the love that brought us: our number one fans in every sporting event, laughter that make your veins come to the surface your skin, reminders of every dumb thing you’ve ever done, blackberry picking on the linear trail, forts in the hay bales, a cookie jar that always seemed to be filled with treats, campfires and memories that never end when at cape kiwanda. 


in my grandma's eyes, she sees the man that crutched his way onto the dance floor just to wow her with a waltz. in my grandpa's eyes, he sees himself as the tan, study, sweaty man who worked hours in the bean field just to impress the woman who would soon steal his heart, and his last name. 

grandma and grandpa, thank you for falling in love and always loving your family just as much. 


it’s not that common to find sessions like this one, and that’s why it’s been so important for me to share. I am not one to always follow the status quo. I’m going to look outside of the box to create images that give you the goose-ies later down the road. I will help produce images that bring back the best memories when you need them the most.

my grandparents were always there when I needed them the most. they are the glue and keep so many of our worlds in tact. they spoil us with the annual beach trip that allows us all the time to be a family, and escape from life for a bit. no matter what, they always put their kids, and grandkids first. for that, I am eternally thankful. thank you for always supporting your family in their dreams and being there to help pick up the pieces if anything went in the wrong direction. here's to many many more years of love and happiness!