oh sweet jeri! a few months ago this girl was just a stranger who happened to be hired at my frequent coffee shop. this darling barista always had the biggest smile on her face, despite the learning curves that come with a new job. I assured her that the overwhelming feeling of information would soon feel much lighter, and she would have it in no time. sure enough, she was slaying the game shortly after! 


as time passed, we realized we had similar interests and decided to collab on some ideas we had. little did I know that she would basically turn out to be the FACE OF emily vandehey photography... every time I went through her images I was stunned.

how could ONE girl look like 4 different superstars all wrapped up on one face?! I was fascinated. 

wanna know the best part? her heart and ambition is even more beautiful than what you can see on the outside.

we had the opportunity to chat over orange chicken about life & how we got to where we were. our conversations kept finding their way back to Jesus, and all of His power. my heart was overjoyed in the trust and belief that she had in Him. we could agree that we must follow the path He lays in front of us. we may not know where it will end up, but He will hold our hand the entire way.

on July 14th He called her to serve Him, and share His word on her mission, with the people of Arizona. 

one conversation about fate and faith helped build up the courage to act. one phone call, as we were heading to the second shoot, was what informed you that He heard you. one envelope held the answer that you were seeking, and laid out a path for the 18 months that followed. 


Jer, I want to say thank you. thank you for showing me what it means to really have faith and to put all of our trust in God. for never accepting anything less than you deserve. for seeking Him, and asking for guidance when it could have been easier to just stick with what was familiar. finally, for blessing me with a friendship that I will miss so dearly over the next couple years. 

can't wait to hear about your new adventure and to read that first update in my email! 


HMU: Charlotte Laport (water shots)