Sunrise Couples Session // Grayson + Rylee // Lincoln City, Oregon

"We have the world in front of us, and I believe together we can do anything"


You have shown me what true love is like from the beginning, and it hasn’t subsided one ounce. You have brought me so much joy and happiness just by being the person you are, and loving me with all of your heart. I try and think about where I would be in life if I would have never met you, and I just cannot imagine it. One of my favorite memories with you was when we went up to the snow for the weekend, it was probably the best time we have had together and if I could do that all over again with you a million times I would in a heart beat.

We have the world in front of us, and I believe together we can do anything we want and still hold that bond, that love we have for each other every step of the way.

I love you so much Rylee, and I am truly happy and grateful to call you mine.



What’s great about us is we are total opposite while being completely the same person. We pick on each other, laugh at each other, love on each other. My interests are you and yours, and us and our dogs, and what our lives are and will be someday.

I promise to always let you cook, even if it’s my recipe. I promise to always say yes to going to the beach, even when it’s storming. I promise to be by your side always, but leave you alone be when you need it.

I can’t imagine life in any alternate universe with out you being there - you make me the best version of myself in every sense. I love you GMF.