Painted Hills Engagement Session // Hayley + Xander // Mitchell, Oregon

When I get asked how I started doing wedding photography I always share that it took off with my two friends who happened to get engaged right around the time that I was rebuilding my memory with photography. Those two happen to be the ones I always am talking about and double as some of my very best friends!!

Round one of their engagement photos were taken at Mount Hood about a year before this session and it just so happened to be the spark I needed to get this business off the ground. I knew I was called to photography, but I didn’t know what direction I was meant to go in... As I should have expected, God left breadcrumbs and it lead me down this path towards couples and portraits! Then I was gifted with the funnest, most joyful and adventurous souls in Hayley and Xander for my first couple and my heart was set on doing this for real!

Hayley had asked me to stand by her side as she said ‘I do’ on her wedding day, so we knew we needed to go BIG for her engagement session since I wouldn’t be the one capturing their big day. But have no fear, she hired the INCREDIBLE Jordy B. Photography who blew us all away. Then some major connections were made on their wedding day and it lead me Kauai where I got to shoot this session!

We tossed some location ideas around and when she said the Painted Hills, I knew that was the place to go! I met them at their apartment, helped pick out their outfits, grabbed the hot Cheetos, and packed up the car to head to Central Oregon for their perfect engagement session. We got all the seasons on our way there, and tried not to panic about the rain that wouldn’t stop as we approached our destination.


We shot until the sun went down, and laughed the whole dang time. The only way we could end the evening was with a trip to Taco Bell, and Hayley’s racer driving skills back to Hillsboro. This will forever be one of my favorite days to date, and I am so glad I got to experience it with these two!

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