Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session // James + Presley // Hood River, Oregon

A couple things we learned during this session:

  1. Follow one set of directions when going to a place you have never been to. Switching halfway is a recipe for disaster.

  2. It was a good idea to inform my couple about how directionally challenged I am beforehand, and to not to alarmed if you turn around 3 times… But also, still so embarrassing…. I’m working on this weakness.

  3. Encourage them to drink Bailey’s and hot chocolate BEFORE the session so they can’t actually feel how cold they are.

  4. Always offer to tie their shoes when they are shivering and cannot feel their fingers.

  5. The wind from the Columbia River Gorge is freaking cold, even when the sun is shinning. The PNW is very deceptive lol

  6. It doesn't matter if you are on an island, people always seem to walk around the corner when you start changing… Embrace it.

  7. It is probably a good idea to leave the pups at home if they broke off part of your tooth from playing at home … You can always just send pictures of your dogs to your photographer haha

  8. Bruises can be photoshopped out ;)

Thank you both for being such troopers and toughing it out through the conditions! Just think, next time we get to see each other, it will be warm and you’ll be saying “I do” and we can celebrate with some pepperoni and pineapple pizza! & if you are are reading this and don’t like pineapple on your pizza, we cannot be friends. JK JK maybe we can & just won’t share a pizza together ;)

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