In Home + Hoyt Arboretum Engagement Session // Ashley + Porsch // Portland, Oregon

I was going to tell you their love story, but honestly Ash does it best.

To preface: getting to know my couples is priority number one because I want to make sure we are the best fit, and that I can accurately tell their love story through the images I capture. Nothing is better than getting paragraphs on paragraphs on how they met, fell in love, proposed, etc! So you can bet that I was smiling ear to ear when I saw her response come in!

Are you ready for your jaw to drop? K, read on!

“'When did you know he was "the one"? Hahaha... gosh, when didn't I?? Truly, after our first kiss- which was out of a movie. Allow me to elaborate.

Porsch is a musician, and a lead vocalist for a local Soul/funk band called Soul Vaccination. After we started talking and went on one kinda-date with some friends, we arranged for our next meeting to be attending a gig the following weekend. To this point, we had been texting CONSTANTLY, and were already spiraling into this beautiful awareness that we are cut from the exact same cloth. I went to the gig with two of our closest friends Teigh and Steph, and I was a total ball of nerves. We both were! It felt like the end of the rest and the start of forever, and my whole body was trembling with excitement. So we show up, and instantly he finds me from across the bar as he's singing, "This will be" by Natalie Cole... like, what?? And we lock eyes and start grinning like sugared up school kids. Well, long story short, I finally work up the courage (2 whiskey drinks later) to go on the dance floor and make googly eyes. I turned and told Teigh and Steph, "I feel like I'm on drugs, I am just awash in Dopamine right now you guys" and as these words are exiting my mouth, I feel someone scoop me up from behind. He has LEFT THE STAGE, during his SONG, to come embrace me. He said, "Hello", and we had our first kiss, in the middle of the floor, with the band playing and 150 people dancing around us. I turned back to Teigh and Steph after he returned to his post, and said, "I'm going to marry him." And, well... that's exactly what I'm going to do.”

MIC FREAKING DROP. Like what?! I knew I loved them just by reading this, and then I got to meet them and was like there is no freaking way that I get the honor to photograph their love story?!?!?!! Ahhh, thank you Jesus!!! (insert hand raising emoji x 100)

So I show up at their house for their engagement session, and was greeted by Porsch, and instantly felt welcomed in like it was my own home. Ash and I had met previously at their friend’s proposal that I was blessed to be able to capture too, so I was super excited to get to squeeze some more love onto her when I made it upstairs! They showed me around their home and I was enamored by their Harry Potter themed storage closet under their staircase that Miles, Porsch’s son, likes to play in with Ash. Then we laid on their bedroom floor trying to get the kittens to come out from under the bed for some photos, but no luck this time around.

When we got started they instantly just melted into one another, and were themselves. Goofy, loving and joyful selves. There was something so special about their authentic interactions and that it was important to have these memories be captured in their own home. They have stressed the importance of their vows, family and just celebrating this chapter of their story with their loved ones and I am freaking pumped to be apart of their wedding weekend this fall!

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