Oregon Coast Elopement // Arch Cape, Oregon // Lily + Mike

Eloping. I am sure you have heard some talk about it, but what really is it? Well, basically whatever you want it to be. You call the shots. You skip the stress of planning a big wedding, keep it small and between just you and the person you are vowing forever to.

Wanna adventure up to the mountains, hike up to the top, and say “I do” with an incredible view? Do it.

Wanna fly to an exotic beach and splash through the waters after making a promise of a lifetime? Do it.

Wanna go to your favorite spot that you and your lover would always escape to? Do it.

Just follow your hearts and listen to where it is leading you to exchange your vows. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RULES!

The beauty of this option is that you can also invite your closest friends and family to pop the champagne with you, and cheer you on as you slip that ring on your person’s finger! Then after you seal the deal with a kiss, you can go and hug them so dang tight ++ use their shirts to wipe off your tears of joy!

But now you are probably thinking, who’s gonna capture these special moments so we can share this news with the world?! Well, hiiiii, I know someone who wants to connect with you and she’s just one button click away ;) #shamelessplug

There is nothing more special than an intimate ceremony that pulls on all the heart strings, and keeps the focus on what’s most important: YOU AND YOUR LOVE!

Feeling the urge to do the dang thing now?! Well, I got your back and will lead you in the direction of the best stylists, florists, HMUA, etc. that you will want to celebrate in this moment with! I promise that I will 100% tell you to hire the queen of styling herself >>> Manda with Mae & Co Creative!

SHE. IS. INCREDIBLE. trust me!

Need some more convincing? Well, keep scrolling because no words will prove this as much as these images will. She is the magical unicorn of wedding styling. Didn’t think unicorns existed? Well, I didn’t either but then this happened…

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