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twenty EIGHTEEN - Year in review

2018… what a year that was. 

It threw my family some curveballs. But we grew stronger, together. It was the year I learned how fast life will pass us by if we don’t actively choose to hold on and move with the winds. 

It was the year I chose to say yes. To what exactly? 

First and foremost, Jesus. Saying yes to Him and His purpose for me on this earth has filled my cup and allowed me to overflow into others. 

I said yes to discomfort. I befriended strangers. I had hard conversations. I learned to be confident and stand my ground. I learned how discomforting it is to be rejected and grew from it. I didn’t let one ‘no’ set me back from many future yeses in my business. 

I said yes to investing in my education and networking with other incredible creatives in the industry. I learned so much from each and every person I have had the chance to meet this year. 

Saying yes to new things led me to find my truest self and my passions. 

Just this Sunday we talked about John 3 v1-8 and talked about what it means to be “born again.” I resonated so hard with every word because by me saying yes to this new life with Jesus at my core, I said goodbye to my past one. I walked into the unknown with Him being my light. I trusted in Him because I believed He wouldn’t let me down. I believed in His purpose for me and chose to serve His children with it. He gave me this gift of photography and I have not once doubted Him. He broke the chains for me and set me free. He showed me that I don’t have to live in a box, but that I can go share this gift with people across His creations. He gave me the courage to take on a business and trust that I could do this before I was even 21 years old. He crossed my path with people who changed my perspectives of life and love. 

What came from 2018 was a happy heart. A soul that is moved by moments. A memory that was restored. An eagerness to keep asking for more from Him because through Him, all things are possible. A ton of new friendships. A clear vision of what my future can be. 

Most importantly, a very humbled and grateful Emily. 

I want to thank all of you who read this, who have been apart of my journey, who have allowed me to photograph a moment or moments in your life, who trusted me with your stories, and for those of you who will gift me with the chance to be apart of yours in the future. 

I had the pleasure of being apart of 10 wedding days this year and I doubled that for 2019 before the year was over… Like what?! You guys are amazing!! I cannot even tell you how much I love this job. Nothing I have experienced has ever lit me with passion more than photography. So thank you for believing in me and investing in my dreams, too. You all seriously mean so much to me.

I have attached an image or a series of images from every session I shot this year, and as I was building this blog I couldn’t help but be amazed at how this was all accomplished in my first year doing photography professionally. I cannot wait to even see what 2019 has in store! 

To those beautiful couples at the bottom of this post, I wholeheartedly want to just give the biggest thanks for being the first ones to put their trust in me to capture your wedding days and show me how much I love what I get to do. It’s because of you that my soul gets set on fire with every new opportunity that comes along. It’s because of you that I proved to myself that I can do whatever I set my heart to. You all are why I love what I get to everyday. You all fill my cup and it has been the biggest pleasure serving each and every one of you.

To all my present and future couples, let’s friggen do the dang thing! This is your year and I cannot wait to celebrate in your memories with you forever! 2019, let’s goooooo!!



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Flinn Block Hall Elopement // Josh + Miranda // Albany, Oregon


Workshop: @moniqueserraphotography
Style and design: @maeandco_creative 
Florals: @goodseedfloral
Hand lettering: @oldcity_mailroom
Cake: @caydeeanne
Rentals: @something_borrowed_pdx
Bridal boutique: @aandbe_portland
Dress designer: @alexandragrecco
Hair and makeup: @hair_by_alex.radekin
Venue: @flinn_block_hall
Videography: @goodcostudios 
Models: @mirandavettrus

PHOTOS BY: @emilyvandeheyphotography